Growing Pains

Wow, this is the longest time I have been on hiatus from blogging. The plan was to do up a Christmas post, but that obviously didn’t happen. And then there was the obligatory new year post I wanted to pen down just to make that nostalgic & oh so sentimental side of me happy, but then that didn’t materialise either. And *poof* there goes all my days down the abyss of nothingness, together with lost times and dead dreams.

It’s been a few months that my mood is on a yo-yo mode. On really bad days I hated myself and the general stagnancy of my life, while on good days they were bearable at best. All I knew was that I lost my mojo and I didn’t know where to find it back. Happiness and its elusive friends were like one big slippery fish that kept slipping out of my fingers when I tightened my grip.

It’s so hard, all this figuring out of stuff.

Now that I’ve gotten those out of the way, happier things coming up hopefully.


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