After a particularly uninspiring Monday at work, it is with great jubilation that I sit here typing away the last 15 minutes of a wretched Monday.

Anyway, last Saturday R and I went down to Peninsula to get a small camera bag for my still spanking new Canon 20D DSLR. A bag chic and compact enough that I can carry it together with my handbag without looking like a dork with an oversized bundle. Settled for a NOVA 170 AW with its black minimalistic charm 🙂



What I was enthusiastically dying to say is, just as I was making my way out of the store, I spied with my little eye, this  LowePro Terraclime series, an Eco-friendly line made of 95% recycled materials.  The fabric is 100% made of recycled PET bottles, which are processed into Cyclepet® material. How cool is that??


Each of them comes with a cute little label which reports how many plastic bottles it is made from. The biggest one I saw is made of some 10-12 bottles, while the smallest one is made from 2.5.

And! A portion of the proceeds from each bag goes to Polar Bear International (PBI) to help in efforts to save polar bear habitats from the impact of climate change. Aww, lookit that!

You know I am like, an obsessive recycler and all, right. So this TERRACLIME really blew my socks off. While it may not exactly be the most perfect camera support bag due to its lack of proper padding, the whole design and quality of the stuff is really fantastic, affordable, and its existence enough justification for purchase. In fact, since I am like so impressed by it, even though I totally don’t need it, I am gonna back and grab one of the small one, to umm.. put stuff in it.

It is selling for something like SGD$23.

I love eco-friendly stuff! 🙂


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3 responses to “Ecofrenzy”

  1. R says :

    you’re such an eco-sucker! i hope we’re not gonna stay inside an igloo next time! haha =)

  2. cha says :

    hey fel, where can i get the beautiful lowepro bag? didnt know they have such a simple beautiful range 🙂

  3. feliciadeanne says :

    Hey kl, you can get it at Cathay photo. Quick go get! haha.

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