I think i have reached that juncture in life where I’m really dying to settle down. And I don’t mean the wedding-bells-out-pop-a-baby combination, where the next thing you know you are SO settled down you can’t do nothing else.

What I crave, is the physical settling down in a place. A place accompanied with a piece of paper with my name printed on it in big cursive font,  so that I can buy shoes like Imelda Marcos without worrying about having to hire a moving truck when my property lease expires.

Did you know that Imelda Marcos had 2,700 pairs of shoes? Shoes which she had to leave behind when the revolt forced her to flee the country. An analyst calculated that if Imelda Marcos changed her shoes three times a day and never wore the same pair twice, it would take her more than TWO YEARS FIVE MONTHS to go through her entire shoe closet.

She was quoted as saying, “They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes.”

That shoe horse had a sense of humour 🙂

But I digress.

So we were talking about this almost desperate and unrealistic crave for a bachelorette pad. It’s all The Selby‘s fault. If you haven’t already heard (but how could you not have?), it is a website that features famous people in their interesting spaces (home, workplace).

fergus aka fergadelic – artist; and caroline smithson – designer and 1/2 of craftwork
at their home – london – dec 10 2008


elisa nalin – stylist
at her home – paris – feb 24 2009


andrew neuhues – graphics
at his home – silverlake los angeles – dec 12 2008


Anyway, for some strange reasons, I am really attracted to all the messy collages of photos and postcards plastered all over the wall and artworks strewn across every possible corners. There is something strangely comforting about being surrounded (albeit suffocatingly) by messy beautiful things.

Having said that, I think “calm within chaos” works fantastically well for me.

I think all the years of constant shifting and moving from one rented house to another, and then to hostel and then another rented house, has made me adopt a nomadic approach in my subsconscience. Sometimes I can’t differentiate whether I just don’t want to face up to the impending headache of repacking, or that I’m simply too lazy to bother with nesting properly.

I really want a house 😦


2 responses to “Nest.”

  1. cha says :

    i want a house too!
    finally, i m back reading your blog again!

    thanks for finally sharing it fel!:)

  2. feliciadeanne says :

    Haha. Ya I was on hiatus for damn long. I think work drains all my energy and creativity. lol. HEY anw, we gotta meet up!! Got sth to tell u.

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