Visual Retail Therapy

Yesterday, while cabbaging away the last fifteen minutes of a work day, I chanced upon an ongoing Urban Outfitters spree on livejournal. After some lustful browsing and plenty of fast-fingers moments, I ordered this BDG short-sleeve cardigan.

UO BDG cardigan

Love the oversized and drapy feel to it. Hopefully it doesn’t look too frumpy in real life!

But just for laughs, both Randy and I agreed that what I really should be getting, is this Truly Madly Deeply Recycle Tank.

Truly Madly Deeply Recycle tank

Other than hounding everyone at my workplace to reuse their plastic bags and recycling their disposable Tupperwares, maybe I should just wear this. Possibly the most environmentally aware piece of clothing ever. 😀

Anyway, did you know that fancy headbands seem to be all the rage nowadays? Joanna Goddard had an amusing post on Would you wear a poofy headband on a date? And also two sets of REALLY awesome wedding photos of brides with headbands, here and here, one of which I blogged months ago.

Saw one at Anthropologie a coupla weeks back, with some fancy peacock feather right smack at the side. Thought it looked ridiculous but surprisingly, it actually looked quite cool when put on, ‘cept for the fact that it cost 50 bucks. So while whiling away at Urban Outfitters, my piqued interest led me to these:

UO headbands


I didn’t get them. Not sure if I would ever have the guts to wear these out, especially in sartorially-boring Singapore (I speak in relative terms), but yea! Poofy headband, why not!


4 responses to “Visual Retail Therapy”

  1. RANDY(: says :

    HELLO CAPTAIN PLANET! I’m sure that the cardigan will be awesomeee! & anw, does the hairbands come with the models? LOL!

  2. feliciadeanne says :

    Hmm I’m not too sure. I think you gotta pay extra. Let me email the friendly people at Urban Outfitters to ask. I will cc the email to Miki.


  3. RANDY(: says :

    OH MAN, it’s okay then. (:

  4. feliciadeanne says :


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