Tropical Dream

I am in Bali, and I am happy. ‘Cept for the fact that I can’t see my boyfriend and pulling him by the collar out of the telephone receiver is not an option. And it’s only been 3 days!

I am toying with the idea of actually settling down here, and starting a business of some sorts. The possibilities are endless, if only I figure out the financial aspect of things. Or, hey! Rudy can design some tropical bungalows with his superior designing skills, we can plonk a couple of villas overlooking some paddy fields or pretty beach, and I can mix cocktails in the bar and we all can roll in some dosh.

Sigh. If only life is like playing Tower Block and Restaurant City.

Anyway, Morris has been sitting in cloud nine ever since we came back. He gets ecstatic whenever I reached for his chain, because he knows that means WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK! QUICK, HUMANS! A WALK! This morning we woke up at 630 and drove to the beach to bring the dog for a stroll. I tell you, he was wagging his tail so hard I thought it was going to drop off for sure.

Picture 002

I took quite a number of sunset pictures with the DSLR during another beach outing yesterday, but didn’t bring my CF card reader. I guess photo uploading will have to wait til Singapore, which shouldn’t be that difficult now that I am unemployed. I am strangely liking how that rolls off my tongue. I am unemployed at the moment. Yippee!


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