Go away, lazy bugs. I’m not your friend.

Funny. Even though theoretically speaking I am semi-jobless, how come I still have so little time? Elusive bugger, you.

There are many things I want/need to do:

1. Learn photo-editing & read that damn library book already!
2. Take DLSR sight-seeing more often
3. Study on photo composition for the Nov photo exhibition trip to Siem Reap for KidsMatter
4. Find out about trading

Just finished writing up an article on the August KidsMatter trip to Siem Reap for Harvest Times. Still some editing to be done, and even though I am quite happy with the product, it saddens me that words come to me so slowly now. I need to figure out the secret formulations to that perpetual verbal diarrhoeal state I used to have. Maybe it is that oxymoronic combination of deadlines-induced stress and carefree student life, where my expenditures were one digit less and did not trigger so much mental trauma.


If only…


One response to “Go away, lazy bugs. I’m not your friend.”

  1. cha says :

    so how’s things now? it has been a while since i last hear you whine. come whine at me 😛

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