So, the hunt for that elusive job continues…

Most of my tuition assignments are coming to an end next week when O level ends, and I am now at the peril of being almost practically income-less, with bills to pay and an itchy backside to scratch. I really need to find a way to motivate myself and spruce up my life in the most economically friendly way possible. And someone, please continue to knock some sense into me and tell me that buying budget airlines tickets irrationally is NOT an option.

I’ve seriously been sitting on my laurels for too long. And I’m not saying this just for the sake of whining, but honestly. Eversince uni days, I have been too bummed to do anything constructive. Even editing photos and uploading them seems to take a gargantuan amount of effort, I ought to be shot. I will try to be better. Cross my heart.

Anyway, I spent the better part of the night still helplessly trying to familiarize myself with my not-so-new Mac. Wanted to upload some photos I took with the oh-so-fancy-schmancy ShakeItPhoto application. All the phone-shaking to get the polaroid lookalikes never fails to crack me up! But BEHOLD, I realised that I have absolutely no idea how to transfer my photos from iPhone to Mac. Really, nothing gets my blood boiling like how technology (or the complications of it) does. It sits right up there together with Physics.

So I contented myself playing around with the ComicLife application, which is spiffy like anything! 😀


Cheap thrill, yes. The musings of she-who-is-jobless.


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