I am officially a Canele fan. There has not been one item on their menu that I tried and did not love. And *shhh* don’t tell anyone but the outlet at Shaw seems to be perpetually having the “50% off 2nd main course” offer. Awesomeness! With that kind of food and price, I marvel that the place still has toe-wriggling space.

Last week, my brother and I trundled past the cozy little joint and on a spur of generosity, I decided to treat us both to an indulgent lunch. I recommended him the Marinara Baked Rice while I tried the Field Mushroom Tomato Cream Pasta with Grated Parmesan, which I ended up loooving, by the way. There was just something about the simple mix of ingredients that is unpretentious, bursting with flavour, and simply works. Yummers.

Then we shared a piece of Barcelona cake and suddenly, it was a beautiful day!

My brother is now a convert too. Scorn be to dull, mediocre and overpriced food, the likes of Swensen’s et al.


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