I should say that I am only half jumping for joy at this moment. Because I just got this really great-sounding job offer (YAY!) Well, kinda anyway, because the determining factor of the confirmation is this ONE phone call from a particular European director, who wants to have a tele tete-a-tete with me first. Well, i have totally no problem with that, except that the wait is driving me absolutely bonkers.

I had my phone practically glued to my hand the whole of yesterday, and half of today, and it is disrupting all my normal activities. I can’t have a shower in peace, because even with my phone tucked away in a small waterproof corner of the bathroom, what if the ringing gets drowned by the sound of water? We can’t have that, can we? AND, I made myself skip gym, because dammit, how to pick up calls when I am busy executing kick boxing moves? I can do treadmill, but God, treadmill is so b-o-r-i-n-g. Then, I wanted to go for a pedicure, but WHAT IF i can’t get out of my seat to a quiet place when he calls, all because i’m busy getting my feet scrubbed and toenails painted. Oh such frivolity, better not.

So, I’m reduced to being holed up at home watching Gossip Girl, with my phone 30 cm away, no less. Safely an arm’s reach away.

AND OMG, did you know that iPhone has the tendency to spontaneously malfunction? Somebody, kill me.


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