Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…

Merry Christmas, all!

I had a relatively enjoyable christmas hanging out with some friends and boyfriend. Went for gatherings, learnt how to play poker, and mixed Singapore Sling for one potluck get-together. I also brought along my Absolut Kurant together with a carton of orange juice to mix up some Harvey Wallbanger (with a twist) but the maid POURED IT DOWN THE SINK cos she thought it was an unfinished bottle of water. Together now… WHAT THE???? Thankfully there was only a quarter left. The rats are so gonna have a happy hour in the sewage.

We also tried out some new eating places and used Christmas as an excuse to indulge. Just a day after Christmas, we went to Spruce with J & R for brunch, during which it started to pour like crazy and completed the whole cozy afternoon thing. Then we trotted to Orchard, umbrella-toting and puddle-hopping, did some shopping and had another indulgent dinner at Relish at Bukit Timah with the 3 musketeers. The blue cheese burger with william pear was yum. And as though we were not fattening ourselves enough, for desserts we happily trudged down to Island Creamery for a ridiculously sinful scoop of ice cream. Or two. Or three. I say, we had a really decadent day. But it’s Christmas! So the fats don’t count 🙂

The next day at Jim’s place, he showed us his nifty fire engine-red Polaroid camera and Rudy and I couldn’t stop drooling over it. Ok, I exaggerate. But all in all, we took some really rad Polaroids, both with Jim’s Polaroid (which is the real deal) as well as our FujiFilm one. Gotta love ’em Polaroids!

On top of that, I’m also really addicted to my iPhone’s ShakeItPhoto. Can’t get enough of the shaking, especially since no expensive cartridges are involved and look at the colours, they are like HOW AWESOME! It’s literally impossible to take a bad picture. So before I attempt to upload more Christmas pictures, here are some of my cheap thrills. iPhone rocks socks!

– We passed by Raffles Hotel on Christmas Day and there was a group of carolling choir boys and girls doing a really great job at Silent Night. It felt so christmassy especially with the courtyard setting, I loved it!

– Rudy’s Steak Sandwich with Eggs Benny and my Tagliatelle with Kurobuta pork bolognese & Parmigiano at Spruce.

– And then the next day at Somerset, there was some Post-Its event thingy on the street where they were handing out Post-Its to passerbys and we could write our “To-Do” for the new year and paste it on the gigantic, spiffy blue & pink Post-It wall standing at the side.

I can’t believe it’s gonna be 2010 already. Where did all those days go to?

/rant finish.


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