Cruise Control at Ho Chi Minh

I must admit I am quite impressed with Ho Chi Minh city. Maybe it’s because I had such low expectation of the place. Before this, all I knew about the city was that the motorbikes come in hordes, ready to knock down unsuspecting pedestrians any moment. Despite the usual big city look, I was pleasantly surprised by wide roads, the colonial-meets-south east asian urban facade (if that even makes sense), and the fact that crossing any road here is an adventure by itself. In District 1, there are really peculiar juxtapositions of the westernized influence and the local way of life. In between the street-side shops, out sprouts Gucci, Loewe and Marc Jacobs. Like comical alien invaders who somehow found that they might have landed on the wrong side of the planet.

Also, the city feels curiously liberating, but I’m not sure why. Haven’t quite gotten my finger on it yet.


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