The car finally moved. Hallelujah!

Well, hello you! Long time no see. Oh, long time is such an understatement.

I tell you, I had so many draft posts in my imaginary cyber trunk, it’s actually sad. They all start with something along the line of “It has been a while…” or “This blog is dead I know…” It’s like trying to jump start a bloody car!

I realise that I have really missed writing. Reading old entries always bring back so much memories, and it’s sad that the past 1 year has been spent in a verbal-constipated silence. Now it almost seems as though the year passed me by pretty much unremembered.

Anyways.. Let me start the new year with a materialistic & frivolous post (but it’s for a good cause!)

The BVLGARI Save The Children ring

A specially-designed silver and ceramic ring with “Save the Children” engraved in the inner side of the ring, in support of BVLGARI’s 2010-2011 pledged commitment of 6 million Euros to support quality education for the world’s neediest children. Rings are on sale for €350 each, of which €60 will be donated to Save the Children.

I still prefer the original B.ZERO one (the 3-band) though.


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