Boats & Birds

Gregory & the Hawk is one of my recent music finds. And Boats & Birds is just perfect for today.

So on Thursday I finally came back from an almost 2-week long business trip to Jakarta & Bangkok. Thank God for the sporadic night outs with Suzanne who recently relocated to Bangkok – exploring the nooks & cranies of Thong Lo & Asoke. At least it made the long work trip a little less dreary. I also managed to snuck out to Krabi with KA & P during the weekend in between, so now I’m finally sporting a bit of a tan – albeit very light. In fact, you will have to squint.

I’m dying for some me time before flying off again to Japan this Sunday for another 2 weeks. But c’est impossible. So many things to do!!!

So today I tried my best to chill. But… Sunday is OVER.


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