Super-pod of dolphins

Chanced upon this video of a super-pod of dolphins, photographed off South Africa by explorer Mike Horn and photographer Chase Jarvis while sailing. It’s such a well-shot video too. GAHHH… makes me wish that I live somewhere closer to the abundance of nature.

I’ve been coming across articles and stories of people doing all these exciting things – Sailing around the world, climbing obscure mountains, slack-lining all over cliffs and gorges, and then some. Makes me wonder… How do these people make a living? Granted, most of them are probably freelance editors/photographers or full-time explorer/sports-enthusiasts, which no doubt sound like a dream. But the pragmatic side of my head wonders, to what extent can passion pay your bills? I’m also almost certain that there must be a handful of them who have to juggle between a day job and traipsing all over the globe doing things they love. The question is, how the hell do they manage that?

This dialogue in my head was also fueled by a lunch convo with my boss a few weeks back where I had an honest outpouring of grievances and told him about my frustration with stagnancy at work. On the same note I also lamented that there is no time to do as much “exploration” as I would have liked. Three weeks to trek the Everest Base Camp, a few months to cycle the Silk Road… Despite my boss’ very concerned & empathetic If you need more holiday, you can actually let me know, which I deeply appreciate, these are things which cannot be done with annual leave of the double digit sort.

So, balance is key? Yay or nay?


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