Uhh… Next time think twice before you prophesize.

In my usual bout of nostalgia, I was just reading my old journal entries (always very enlightening).

On 13th April 2010, I wrote this:

The past few months have been tough on all fronts. And today, it actually dawned upon me that what the heck, by this time next week I’m already going to be 25. That’s officially halfway through my supposedly-glorious youth. The hippie, carefree and quixotic life of the twenty-something.

It is the time to be rash, reckless, impulsive and live on the edge without a care of the world. The time where love is lost, found, accidentally flung out the window, and then caught again in a swirl of some crazy dream, preferably involving a crazy chase halfway around the world and a dramatic reconciliation at the airport. Wait, have I seen that in a movie some where? Doesn’t matter. My point is, this is the time to see the world, get really lost, and then supposedly find yourself, before the dust of your youth settles down into a heap on the floor of your mortgaged house, together with unpaid credit card bills and soiled diapers.

And it is funny. HILARIOUS in fact, with a twinge of irony – Because it seems that I must have been one kick-ass prophet reincarnated. Only, there is no finding back love, crazy chase and dramatic reconciliation bullshit, and the finding yourself bit has yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But if I was as good a prophet as the above has proven, then THERE MUST BE HOPE.



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