Gut feeling

We had a big family gathering earlier this year. One of my cousins had apparently been dabbling quite a bit in palm-reading and all that shit, and on one of the evenings, he was the most popular man at the table as everyone wanted a share of the hocus pocus.

I generally don’t believe in stuff like this. It reeks of new age and fluff. But in the name of good fun, it was pretty entertaining, and to be fair, a lot of the stuff he said was actually pretty spot on (but mostly the feel-good stuff which cannot really go all that wrong..)

However there was one thing he said which I remember — He said that in my life, things always swing to the extremes. When things go well, they are extremely good. But when things go bad, they are really in the pits. I guess I cannot complain. I always said that I don’t want a mediocre and boring life, so I got my cake.

And today I got reminded of this peculiar divine edict (I have to admit that i typed this with a slight rolling of eyes). The past one year has been an absolute shit of a year. I had been trudging through the days with batted breath wondering how to survive another week or month, and then getting screwed over again and again with all the emotional highs and troughs.

But now, I have truly died. I’ve crashed and burned and there is almost nothing left. I hope this means that I’m officially done with the fucking tragic section of life and can hence proceed to the mind-blowingly fantastic part.


“Where something becomes extremely difficult and unbearable, there we also stand already quite near its transformation.”



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