Mid-travel thoughts

I’m sitting in the lounge in Tokyo Narita airport and contemplating a little bit about the meaning of life.

Not to be philosophical and all! But it just struck me how pointless it is – a lot of things which we do every day. The humdrum of daily routines just seem so…mechanical.

For example, when we have pockets of free time. Sitting an hour in the bus or train, lounging in a comfortable place killing time before flight (like now), what do you do? Mostly I stone.. Not literally of course. But I can tell you that I am really good at sitting it out, just contemplating and zoning out. At the end of it I end up with a million more stray thoughts which do not necessarily make me better or smarter, but unfortunately the system is just programmed that way. But then again, what’s the point in thinking so much??

I can open up my laptop and get some work done, but I’m now at a point where I honestly cannot be arsed to do so. Work will multiply itself anyway. Unless it is some critical deadline or life-threatening situation, there will always be more things to do, so I don’t bend over backwards to get things done anymore. Anyway, unless you are passionate about your profession or you are changing or saving lives, at the end of the day it’s just about getting a paycheck. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take work seriously.. I’m still a perfectionist in a lot of things I do, but my point is.. There is no point in giving so much!

So back to the question of what to do in your idle time.. I find myself often mindlessly looking at facebook, deleting junk mails, posting random photos, surfing Pinterest, reading books & magazines… I do get enjoyment from all those social media and they do provide some visual stimuli. But again, at the end of the day.. What is the point really… Sometimes when I think about it, it all seems so frivolous.

Maybe I should write a book. About what, I don’t know.. Maybe I’ll end up selling only 5 copies. Good friends the quantity of which I can count with one hand.

But there’s got to be something with more meaning!!


/rant over


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