Don’t squander life, push forth.

Recently I’ve taken to cycling quite a bit around the park at random times of the day. Just to, you know… breathe the fresh air a bit. Luckily the Christmas holidays makes this luxury possible.

Surprisingly I’ve found it really therapeutic, and I actually look forward to it. This makes me think that it must be really nice just to have weeks cycling in the back country. *Cue images of quiet roads with a Himalayan back-drop flashing across my head.

Well it would have to be quiet & wide sort of roads which do not require me to zig zag too much avoiding moving cars, running children or animals ambling across the streets, considering that I am in fact a terrible cyclist.

So I say all this in the spirit of Just do it and possibly die trying.

I was also looking at this video on Pedaling Nowhere, very aptly titled 4 bike touring videos to make you quit your job. (A-ha moment)


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