Where’s that Switch Off button?

Arrived in Munich this morning at 5 AM, bleary-eyed and disoriented. A driver was waiting for me at the arrival hall, after which I was promptly whisked into a car and driven 2 hours to Berchtesgaden where I will be holed in for the next 5 days. He sped along highways while it was pitch black outside and the world was still asleep.

Work has become unbearably dreary in the past few months, zapping away all my energy and whatever human-ness I have left. I snap easily at the slightest annoyance, and I feel my judgement clouding over as every single human being seems to be pulling at my patience. Surely not everyone has turned into imbeciles? It must be me.

We are somewhere in the middle of the Alps and my hotel room is facing the mountains :]

I ordered a Pesto Panini for room service and by mistake the attendant brought me an additional order of a huge-ass Rocket salad. One point to healthy eating! :]

I’ve got free flow mini bar! :]

I shall try not to complain. Work life could really be way worse than this…




It will all be well…


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