Tech Dinosaur

I’m mentally drained. I feel like a computer running on 256 MB RAM trying to open 20 Safari tabs & 5 Powerpoint files, edit an Excel table, while loading several YouTube videos. And browsing Pinterest.

This must be how the older generation had felt towards the then-young people some years back during the dot com bubble. I remember first trying to teach my mum how to use a computer about 10 years back. She couldn’t even wrap her head around the existence of a cursor. Now, I myself am feeling a growing sense of detachment from all this social media and internet hullabaloo going on. A teenager who makes enough money on YouTube that she does not need a real job, a 12-year-old who started a bow-tie startup company now worth $150,000, etc… It’s all crazy. Marvelous and unbelievable, but crazy.

I can tell you now that today my mum has progressed to playing Candy Crush on iPad and searching for cupcake recipes on Pinterest. So she had conquered IT and won. She was progressive and stayed relevant to civilisation to the extent that mattered. And i’m finding that now I’m having the same problem keeping up (or rather, staying interested) with the world today. Fuck, i’m not even thirty yet!

In the morning while taking the train to work, sometimes I can’t help but feel like i’m walking in the midst of a strange, alien tribe. All conjoined with a device in their hands and looking downwards as they walk. It is so strange. This sense of displacement kept growing and growing.

What if 256 MB RAM is in fact ALL you need, and instead of opening 20 Safari tabs at one time, you could actually do with just reading stuff one tab at a time? Consider…


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