Random Philosophy

Sometimes, when a compelling thought suddenly invades my head, I tend to scribble it on random pieces of paper and then chuck them aside.

This morning, I pulled out a brown leather bucket bag which has been lying unused for quite some time and carried it to work. While on the train, I rummaged through one of its zipped compartments, and found a note I scribbled a few months ago – at the back of an old e-ticket to Bali.

It was funny, almost a bit silly. But I felt like I was reading it for the first time, and somehow felt like a hand from the past was sending me a timely reminder.

Each person has a genetically determined happiness “set point” that accounts for 50% of his or her overall happiness. Which is to say that some people are born as a Grinch and this Grinch-like tendency which therefore makes them constantly dissatisfied and lacking contentment, cannot be helped. It’s fate.

What then, is the solution? One must vehemently fight back this inner Grinch. Obviously we constantly seek that elusive greener grass/pasture. But wait, this knowledge is actually quite comforting, because now I know that tomorrow I can win a 10 million dollar lottery and most likely still find life to be as normal as before. Happiness, and everything else in fact, is relative isn’t it? Of course if I win a lottery, my happiness level is higher relative to before I won said lottery. But I possess the awareness that there exists a possibility that this happiness can be relatively lower than if I win a lottery AND dating Brad Pitt (for example). This knowledge thus creates a subconscious discontent that can only be filled when that ideal is realised. Thus begins the vicious cycle.

Why then, do we complicate things? We make life complicated when we expect too much. So the solution. I said that this knowledge is comforting. Why? Because then maybe I can stop being so hard on myself. Stop seeking too much and overturning all the rocks. Just LIVE IN THE MOMENT.



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